Work with Me

Published at July 1, 2022

👋 Hello there, I’m Evan! Nice to meet you.

Detroit Marathon 2017

Published at October 26, 2021

I signed up for the Detroit Marathon 2017 with the idea of qualifying for the Boston Marathon (I know that’s almost every marathon runner’s goal). I have to say, the Detroit Marathon is truly one of a kind. There are quite a few experiences that I don’t think I would have experienced anywhere else.

About Me

Published at October 25, 2021

Hi, I’m Evan 🤙

Introducing Namer

Published at December 29, 2019

I read an article recently about launching a bunch of mini-apps to grow some traction. I’m not sure that these things will grow traction for me. I more wanted an excuse to work on small apps that I thought were cool. I am building everything under the OpenPace branding and website so they are all open source.

Magithub + Spacemacs Useful Commands

Published at December 28, 2019

Creating a Pull Request

To create a pull request on GitHub, you will need to do the following:

Magit Introduction on Spacemacs

Published at December 27, 2019

Here is a quick tutorial on how to do a bunch of different. We will be talking about how to commit changes, use diff to look at changes between branches, how to checkout new and existing branches, and even how to speed it up so it isn’t so slow.

Spacemacs Command: Jump-to-definition

Published at December 27, 2019

I learned a new trick today on Spacemacs that is super ideal. I was watching a coworker use sublime text 2, and he used a shortcut to jump to the definition of a class. Spacemacs must have that too!

Creating a Global git ignore

Published at December 27, 2019

I didn’t want to change every .gitignore for each project that I worked on at my company. I found this little trick.

Hack: Naming Hosts and Ports with Nginx

Published at December 27, 2019

At Cribspot, we had a bunch of different ember apps and one single rails API that fed all of them. Here is a breakdown of all of our apps:

Spacemacs + Org mode

Published at December 27, 2019

For the last four years, I have started every day pulling out my notebook and organizing my day. I break everything down by the hour, filling in meetings, todos, runs, and everything in between.

Useful Spacemacs Commands

Published at December 27, 2019

I have been using spacemacs for a few years now and I wanted to make a quick list of helpful commands.

Simple Sitemap in Phoenix Elixir

Published at December 27, 2019

For this website, we built a sitemap with Phoenix. I wanted to share what we did to make this happen.

Build a Chatbot with Phoenix and - Part 2

Published at December 27, 2019

Part 2

The goal of this section is to load and send messages. I think we can do it. Let’s get started. Setting up the Channel

Build a Chatbot with Phoenix and - Part 1

Published at December 27, 2019

If you are reading this, you have likely seen my website (or maybe not). But, on the front page of the site is a chatbot. I know what you are thinking; chatbots are so 2017. Well, that is when I started working on it so I am still going to share it with you all.

Building an ASCII Quine

Published at October 22, 2019

I was watching some of the RubyConf stuff today and I stumbled upon this talk. The talk was given by Yusuke Endoh and he is an absolute wizard. He has a bunch of these quines on his blog and they are really crazy. There are examples where he plays music, makes a revolving globe quine, and makes it snow. I would check these out if you have time.

Hello World

Published at October 22, 2019

Hello World!

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